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An event Musicfor International in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Sofia (Bulgaria) on the occasion of the 

2019 Plovdiv European capital of culture” events.

An event to get to know some of the Italian Regions and territories through their popular musical tradition arranged in a classical key for tenor and piano.

The program also includes a description of the geographical, economic and linguistic characteristics of the territories illustrated through musical themes.

The variety of typical dishes, of artistic treasures and of musical themes of every region show the diversity of the history and tradition of the Italian territory. They constitute a clear sign of the richness of the Italian culture with a common taste for beauty and style.

In particular the different songs are in the local dialect and reflect the spirit and the tradition of the region. Each lyrics talk about peculiar aspects of history of the region.

An exhibition accompanies the music event with panels containing photographs of artistic places and typical products of each region. 

Concert at the Italian Embassy in Sofia (Bulgaria)

Concert in Plovdiv - European capital of culture 2019