Complex Structure Management


@ 2012


Musicfor International presents at the

Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

the seminar


 Complex Structure Management


Conductor and speaker, Lorenzo Turchi-Floris

Soprano, Carolina Ida Domenica Mattioda
Guitar, Alessio Nebiolo

Conduzione di una Struttura Compleassa
Stefano Baldi at the Management of a complex structure


The seminar follows the cycle of management training meetings. It aims to illustrate and deepen some fundamental aspects of leadership and the ability to manage and lead complex groups.

Through the example of conducting a symphony orchestra, the problems to be addressed and the techniques that can be adopted to improve leadership skills are examined. The symphony orchestra, composed of various sections in turn made up of several musicians (orchestral professors), represents in fact the ideal archetype to highlight all the critical issues and opportunities inherent in the coordination and direction of complex structures (such as ministerial structures in Rome and abroad).

The seminar provides a concrete example of managerial skills, drawn from the preparation and performance of a symphonic piece: transmission by the leader (the Director) of the “vision” and objectives (interpretation of the piece) to their professional group (the orchestra ). The examples will also show how this process is embodied in the progressive search for a sharing of the operational path to achieve the result (appreciation of the piece and aspects of the performance), in order to satisfy the parameters set by the top management (the composers).

Luigi Vignali at the Farnesina Congress Hall
Stefano Baldi conducting at the Farnesina Congress Hall
Alessio Nebiolo at the Farnesina Congress Hall
Carolina Ida Domenica Mattiodaat the Farnesina Congress Hall