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The Mission Symphony Orchestra (MSO), created by Musicfor International in 2010, is composed of musicians who come from different countries. The MSO’s aim is to promote classical music, by organizing performances and concerts mostly humanitarian importance.

Since it was created, the Orchestra – under the baton of Maestro Lorenzo Turchi-Floris – has interpreted a vast repertoire of music ranging from the Baroque era to the 21st Century. Soloists and conductors alternated in a variety of programs, inciting enthusiasm and emotion from a rapidly increasing and loyal audience.  The MSO has taken part to many conferences, including the one at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE): “Conduzione di una struttura complessa” (“Conducting a complex structure” – workshop on managerial leadership).

The MSO reflects Musicfor’s mission by devoting much of its musical activity to the development and support in the most disadvantaged areas in the world. Thousands of children have thus the opportunity to approach music extending their perception and their perspective on life.