We are an International Music Organization

Musicfor is an international organization that promotes musical activities all over the world. Organizes concerts, conferences, festivals and takes care of the record production, publishings, educational and research activities

More than 800 musicians and professional experts in various areas work together for a common purpose. Musicfor International headquarter is in Switzerland (Versoix), with branches in Europe (Italy, England, France) and America (Florida).

Our social commitment

Part of our activity in humanitarian sector

Part of our activity is addressed to the humanitarian sector. We help fund the construction of music schools, the purchase of musical instruments and the give of scholarships to the best students. We especially focus on those less favored geographical areas (currently Mozambique, Haiti, Panama, Angola, South Africa and Ivory Coast).

The funds are collected through several foundations, private donations, organization of artistic events, through the support of our partners and  through the activity of our two orchestras: the Mission Symphony Orchestra (MSO) and the Mission Chamber Orchestra (MCO).

Our Philosophy

Enriching our life through the Art

Musicfor projects have the sponsorship of many national and international institutions. Musicfor is the intersection point between the different governments.

By enriching our spirit through Art we can transform individual lives. Transformed lives enrich our communities.  This idea runs throughout all of the Musicfor activities!

Connect with our teams

Music is the most immediate form of aggregation,
the most engaging entertainment, the highest philosophy.

Musicfor Switzerland

Alessio Nebiolo

President, CEO & Co-Founder

Winner of several music international competitions, Alessio Nebiolo is a recognized international guitarist. He is currently teaching at the Geneva Music Conservatory in Switzerland. Since 2012, he has been passionately dedicated to the Presidency of Musicfor Switzerland.

Charlotte Orcel

Executive Director

Charlotte is a violinist, implicated in organizing events and projects, and gestion of the social medias. Her determination quickly lead her to become the executive director of the Musicfor Switzerland.

@ Mf - Andrea Fotis

Andrea Fotis

Projects Coordinator

Andrea graduated in Milan with a degree in entertainment marketing. For many years, he has been tirelessly dedicating himself to the activity of Musicfor International. His passion for the arts and his ability to organize events are fundamental elements for our organization.

@ Mf -Sandro Tigishvili

Sandro Tigishvili

Artistic Coordinator

A very talented Georgian violinist, he lives in Zurich since many years. In 2021 he founded the “Georgian Chamber Soloists”, composed of young Georgian musicians. Passionate musician, he dedicates part of his artistic activity to the organization in a lot of Musicfor International events.

@ Mf - Morian Taddei

Morian Taddei

Member Coordinator

Morian is the violist of the QuartettOrfeo, our partner since 2012. He is responsible of coordinating our chamber music activities.

Artistic Member

Jolanta is a great soprano. She has been a Musicfor member since 2014, and is involved in training courses for singers and choirs.

Musicfor Italia Onlus

Guido Galterio

President, CEO & Co-Founder

Guido is a pianist-composer. Always engaged in musical activities all over the world, he is the President of the Musicfor Italia Onlus. He coordinates their projects and participates in them as a musician.

Lorenzo Turchi-Floris

Artistic Director & Co-Founder

Lorenzo Turchi-Floris is a pianist, composer and conductor. Musicfor founder, he is the artistic director of the Italian and american section. He coordinates and connects all the international Musicfor projects.

Carlo Taffuri

Educational Director & Co-Founder

Teacher and passionate violinist, he is educational director of all the projects involving the youth orchestras that participate in the Musicfor International projects. Carlo follows hundreds of young musicians with attention and real enthusiasm.

@ Mf - Carolina Mattioda

Carolina Mattioda

Member Coordinator & Co-Founder

Carolina is a tireless soprano. She is a Musicfor founding member, and dedicates a large part of her artistic activity to projects related to international festivals and music competitions.

Ilaria Calabrò

Artistic Member

Ilaria was born in Italy, in Rome, where she has always been dedicated to the development of the artistic activities of her city. Ilaria is cellist of the QuartettOrfeo and referent of our public relations in Italy and America.

Adele Napoli

Executive Director

The need to harmonize the acquired experiences stimulates Adele to create contacts and organize events, festivals and new musical paths in the Musicfor Italia Onlus, becoming its executive director in a short time.

Chiara Oberto

Member Manager

With the aim of consolidating her profession, joining together managerial and artistic environment, Chiara Oberto is Musicfor Italia Onlus manager member.

@ Mf - Valeria De Panfilis

Valeria De Panfilis


Valeria is a business consultant. She has always been passionately dedicated to theater and music. With enthusiasm she dedicates time and passion to the Musicfor activities. 

@ Mf - Manuela Chiodetti

Manuela Chiodetti

Member Coordinator

Manuela is a psychologist. Lover of music, she helps Musicfor Italia Onlus to carry out international projects through marketing strategies and activities.

Musicfor France

@ Mf - Didier Plassard

Didier Plassard

President, CEO & Co-Founder

Didier is a French passionate clarinetist, founder of the Orchestre Symphonique du Mont-Blanc. President and member of Musicfor France since many years, he is always attentive to symphonic programming in the Mont Blanc region.

@Mf - Joel Servigne

Joël Servigne

HR Executive

Joël has worked for many years as artistic director in many concert halls. For years, he has dedicated himself to the activities of the Orchestre Symphonique du Mont-Blanc and Musicfor France.

@ Mf - Julia Strange

Julia Strange


Of English origin, Julia has lived in France for many years. Her passion for the arts and all kind of music led her to become a member of the Orchestre Symphonique du Mont-Blanc  and Musicfor France.

Musicfor ENGLAND

@Mf - Harriet-John

Harriet John

President, CEO & Co-Founder

Harriet is a daughter of art. Since childhood, she has been immersed in the world of sounds. She studies piano and is passionately dedicated to organizing concerts. She is a founding member and President and CEO of Musicfor England.

@ Mf - Pawel Gorajski

Pawel Gorajski

Artistic Director

Pawel is a Polish-Italian conductor and composer. Member of Musicfor England, he coordinates and organizes its events. For Pawel, Music is an important opportunity to teach young people the sense of belonging, listening and mutual social respect.

@ Mf - Luisa Tancredi

Luisa Tancredi

HR Executive

Of Italian origin, Luisa studies economics and commerce. She has always been passionate about the musical world, she takes care of the economic-organizational aspect of the Musicfor England concerts becoming a permanent member.



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